Ten Must Watch T.O.P videos

Looking for something to watch? Well here’s a collection of my favourite T.O.P videos which will make you laugh, cry and love T.O.P even more:

Number Ten: ‘T.O.P wants a boyfriend’

T.O.P on a Segway, wearing an orange wig and looking oddly like a ginger version of Willy Wonka? For some reason I love this.

Number Nine: T.O.P breaking his headphones

One of the cutest mistakes ever. 

Number Eight: T.O.P and Daesung Self cam in Japan

T.O.P and Daesung in their dressing gowns… I think it’s obvious why I like this.

Number Seven: T.O.P speaking english

Clips of T.O.P speaking english, what do you think of his pronunciation?

Number Six: T.O.P singing No Diggity

Thought T.O.P can’t sing, think again!

Number Five: T.O.P and Se7en flirting with each other

T.O.P and Se7en take their Bromance to the next level, as they adorably flirt with each other.

Number Four: T.O.P and Taeyang eating snow in New Zealand

Not sure which is funnier, T.O.P feeding Taeyang snow or Seungri’s hilarious laugh.

Number Three: Big Bang performing ‘I am the Best’ (TOP vers.)

Choom T.O.P at his best.

Number Two: Clips of T.O.P laughing

T.O.P laughing is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Number One: TOP talks about his ex-girlfriend

If you’ve ever wondered why T.O.P fans don’t like it when you post up pictures of his ex-girlfriend or his family, here’s why. This is the interview that made him my bias, as I loved how sincere and thoughtful he is.

Tell me if I missed out any videos or which is your favourite, in the comment section below! 


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