Happy Birthday TOP!

As you’ve probably realised, if you’ve been anywhere near Twitter or Tumblr, it’s T.O.P’s birthday! Now even though this isn’t my birthday or my friend’s, it is still one of my favourite days of the year because we get to celebrate the wonderfulness that is Mr. Choi Seunghyun.

Now, I actually find it really hard to write birthday messages, especially when it’s TOP, but here’s mine to him:

“It’s been nearly four years since you became my bias, and since then you’ve always been at the TOP. I really do love you a lot, you’re really just a great man. You’re hilarious, you can make me laugh at the hardest of times and you act like a kid half the time, but I love that. You also have a big heart, and you really love your members and look after them, even if you do say that you feel like they look after you.

And you’re an amazing performer, rapper, lyric writer… Plus you’re a great actor too. You never fail to impress me and make me proud, no matter what you do.

I don’t know if I’ll ever meet you properly, probably not, but I hope that as you grow older you grow happier and stronger, and one day I hope that you’ll find that one person to spend the rest of your life with.

Have a great day Seunghyun, and don’t get too tired 🙂 Happy Birthday!”

For T.O.P’s birthday, I made him a video with messages from lots of VIPs (Over 90 from all around the world), so please watch the video(s) and thank you if you took part~


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